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Thomas Michel — Design Director from Paris, France. Currently working at Payfit

Self-taught designer from Paris, France. Passionated about simplicity, I'm constantly trying to build clean and simple products to make people’s lives easier. Currently working at Payfit as Design Director to establish the future of HR & Payroll tools. Formerly Lead Designer at Mention.

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Through different projects I had the chance to work on multiple projects with a human centered approach and an excellence mindset. Missions could go from a simple redesign to a complete user experience revamp.


PeopleCheck project

Since 2020 I have been leading the development of a new experience at PayFit. With the Covid-19 situation the company decided to open a new stream of revenue by focusing on the relation between manager/managee to reinforce collaboration and relations despite the distances.


PayFitCheck project

End of 2018 I joined the Payfit adventure to build the best Payroll & HR solution. Within few months we already hired more than 5 designers, created a Design System squad, implemented Lean Design process and worked on multiple projects that will simplify our client experience.


EligibleCheck project

I have collaborated with the incredible team at Eligible since 2016 to release their vision of medical billing platform. It has been a big project from concept to real live product on Mobile & Web. Eligible is a platform that simplify the reimbursement and the transparency of medical health in the US.


MentionCheck project

Early 2015 I joined Mention when there was only 10 employee. My main mission was to build a design team by creating new process to answer product and marketing needs. Within 4 years we built a product who simplified the media monitoring of more than 750 000 company around the world.

Driven by simplicity & excellence

I have been working for the last 4 years at as a Lead Designer. During this experience, I had the chance to manage a team, create a product/brand, implement process, hirie peoples and much more... Mention has been acquired in 2018 which marked the end of my adventure there. Besides that, I was working for multiple clients as a Freelance Designer during my spare time. Those dozen of projects gave me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone to continuously build efficient and clean product experience.

Now? I’m working as Design Director at Payfit. On a daily basis, I’m designing new features with a human centered approach within the product team. Beside that I manage designers and lead team by ensuring they have every elements needed to their personal and professional developement.